I took a deep breath, I tried to believe in me. I wanted to conquer myself than conquer the world. (kl)

“In my deepest wound I saw Your glory,
and it astounded me.”
— St Augustine (via danielasarahy)

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[Achtung: Rant coming up.] Many individuals and groups give their share every time there’s a calamity. Admittedly, our responses are important & time-bound, obviously (crucial but still just) stop-gap: clean water to the center, boats to take families to higher land, warm & dry underwear, cooked food, for the time they are in evacuation centers.

I think I speak on behalf of the many who do these organized responses during natural calamities - we hope there are long-term, infrastructure responses going on alongside what we do, the big scientific sturdy concrete responses that will reduce the risks, and manage (oh my is that an abbreviation for something…?) the survival of every barangay when we face our 22++ typhoons every year. They do happen. They do, geographically, quite literally, swing our way. Over and over and over.

The ones who hold the long-term solution decisions, please support the experts (engineers, geologists, meteorologists, urban planners, etc) - they should be funded, their suggestions must be funded. What they present as solutions must be priority - even if it doesn’t leave you space to put your name on it. The people will know if ‘life got better’ and if ‘floods didn’t happen’ anyway when you were in charge. Halt on that tarp budget, for now.

For the next 10 years- let no one build a town/city arch that says welcome ngyaw ngyaw ngyaw name of family-in-charge- and use the money for drainage systems where they are most needed.

We- the stop-gap responders - need to know that there is THAT (long-term solution response) happening, too, as we drive around picking up and dropping off noodles and clean underwear. Tell me as I collect panties and blankets for a Cavite evacuation center tonight that a meteorologist and a geologist are discussing with urban planners because someone in government allocated a decent sized fund for their ideas to be implemented asap. There are so many NGOs (real ones, too) in the Philippines - maybe becomes sometimes the G. is not so O.


There, I said please.

*kapuy kasi*

— GTB/ 20 Aug 2013
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“It’s not the length of time we knew someone that makes them so special. It’s what they brought into our lives.”
— Sandra Kring, A Life of Bright Ideas  (via thefinest-blog)

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“Write to write. Write because you need to write. Write to settle the rage within you. Write with an internal purpose. Write about something or someone that means so much to you, that you don’t care what others think.”
— Nick Miller’s “Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?” (via kyungtsoo)

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“The most insane things can become normal if you have them around you long enough. A mind can’t seem to hold anything too crazy for too long without finding a way to make it seem normal.”
— Deb Caletti (via kyungtsoo)

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Dear Cutie-Pie,

Recently, your mother and I were searching for an answer on Google. Halfway through entering the question, Google returned a list of the most popular searches in the world. Perched at the top of the list was “How to keep him interested.”

It startled me. I scanned several of the…

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